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NR50 Non-Return Isolating Valves AU Standard RMC

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NR50 Non-Return Isolating Valves AU Standard RMC
RMC NR50 Non-Return Isolating Valves offer both non-return and isolating functions in a single valve.

15mm BSP (FI) and Compression Fittings
Models: NI501, NIC501 and NRIS501
NR50 Non-Return Isolating Valves AU Standard RMC

NIC501 Non-Return Isolating Valve 15mm with Compression Fitting RMC

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NR50 Non-Return Isolating Valves AU Standard RMC

NRIS501 Non-Return Isolating Valve with Strainer 15mm RMC

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RMC NR50 Non-Return Isolating Valves combine the mandatory functions of isolating valve and non-return valve for the installation of pressurised water heaters. They prevent the backflow of water from a water heater to the mains line. This serves the dual purpose of protecting the mains supply from contamination, and the loss of water that has already been heated. The isolating valve component is useful as a means of controlling inlet water supply to unvented storage water heaters.

Non-Return Isolating Valves are available in 15mm and 20 mm configurations.
Maximum temperature: 40° C
Maximum inlet pressure: 1400 kPa

Model                          Width(W)      Height(H)      Outlet (O)
NI501                           73mm          68mm            DN15
NIC501                        80mm          68mm            DN15
NRIS501                     94mm          83mm            DN15
Body - Cast gunmetal
Internal Parts - Brass and stainless steel
Seat Disc - Nitrile
Check Cartridge - Neoperl

The High Pressure Expansion Control Valve range of relief valves are suitable for use on water heater inlets or for any application where expansion safeguards are necessary. We recommend installing a High Pressure Expansion Control Valve as part of a complete inlet control system for water heater applications. Please ensure that the set pressure of the High Pressure Expansion Control Valve is suitable for use with the water heater it will be installed with.
High Pressure Expansion Control Valves should only be installed on the cold or inlet installation on a water heater as the valve is primarily intended to cope with the excess pressure generated during a normal heating cycle.
• Increased heating efficiency - Releasing pressure at the inlet saves energy by not purging heated water • Auxiliary pressure relief device - Use of an expansion control valve for pressure relief leaves the pressure and temperature relief valve to perform only a safety valve function • Female BSP thread on outlet thread - Prevents incorrect installation to the system • Sealed spring activity - Prevents spring from seizing in the event of calcification • Dezincification resistant - Meets Australian Standard for potable water supply • Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation - Valve designed to work effectively in either orientation
Models: NI501 1/2" Duo Valve FXF, NIC501 1/2" Duo Valve Comp fitting and NRIS501 Trio Valve